Sunday, September 15, 2019

White River Bridge Hole @900 cfs

An early morning surf from July. This is near the top end of the range for the "bridge hole" on the White River at West Hartford. ALSO JUST REALIZED THAT THIS SPOT IS LIT BY STREETLIGHTS! NIGHT SURFING!! EVEN WITH NO MOON!!! (All standard 'don't be an idiot' caveats apply)

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Hey team, the NOAA forecasts are lighting up and it looks like some awesome surf options are going to be coming in for the Ledyard River Festival this coming weekend!

Temperature profiles are looking great for snowmelt, plus rain in the forecast is going to add up to the holy grail of spring surfing: big water and balmy air temps. Look for high-water White River spots (like Sharon Dam and the So-Ro Wave) to be coming in, with the possibility of even the Cliff Wave, not to mention all the great catch-on-the-fly options the White has to offer. If you're heading up to the Wells River Rumble creek race be sure to check out the 302 Waves on the Connecticut River, less than a mile away, as they should be cranking (a good option if the Wells is too high for your comfort). Be safe out there!