Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Rodeo winner Ted Devoe

All photos courtesy Patrick Rogers at kayakingphotos.com

Working the river right Sharon Dam feature, a flushy hole at this level
See Patrick's site for more photos of the event

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

10 Years of UVSURF

Dear readers,
It's been ten years since I started uppervalleysurf.blogspot.com.
It's a different world out there. I hope it's been kind to you.
Thanks for reading. Thanks for the hot tips.
Thank you for surfing. Keep at it team. And God bless,

Friday, December 6, 2019

Board Surfing Upper Valley Waves

Looking to board surf the Upper Valley? Look no further. Not all the surf spots listed on uvsurf are going to work for you, but a few definitely are. Which ones? Read on!

#1... Main Drag Wave at Hartlands:

This is the summertime favorite. Warm water, semi-predictable dam releases, big eddy, decent ease of access. Heck you can even get away with a fiberglass board here and not necessarily destroy it (if you're careful). Higher levels that will still work for kayaks are not going to be so fun for catching the wave on a board, but the lower range (2500-5000 cfs) is a go.

#2... Sharon Dam on the White River:

Is this wave always going to work for you? No. The river right (surfer's left) side is not going to be much fun. But when the water is high and river left comes in (5k-10k+ cfs) you are looking at some fun. Access is actually quite easy here... in some ways, easier for a board than a boat, but don't bring your favorite, (delicate) board. You want a beater, if for no other reason than that it is a broken dam and the wave flushes directly into another hole; but you still have a lot of room to pick up the pieces (a big eddy). Other downside, this spot mostly runs when it's cold.

#3... Front Wave at 302 on the Connecticut River:

Is this spot going to be great to board surf? No. Is it acceptable? Maybe. It's a harder swim onto the wave than at hartlands or sharon dam, and the eddy behind it is a bit boily, plus the wave itself is a bit lower quality, but hey, beggers can't be choosers! A nice board should be fine here, but you're going to be doing a good bit of swimming. Also you will almost assuredly be swimming in White Mtn. snowmelt.

Honorable mention... Bridge hole on the White River:

Why are we even mentioning this spot when it is not even that great in a kayak? Warm water and ease of access. This spot normally runs late spring / early summer and when it rains in the summer. Are you going to shred? No. Might you have some fun messing around in between bridge jumps even on a boogie board? Yes. (Maybe).

Wear a helmet, probably a lifejacket too, be careful standing up in the water, and be sure to brush your teeth (love Dad).


Well Enough Wave, Quechee Gorge, VT

Saturday, September 21, 2019